Party Bag Ideas - Online Shop

Having a children's (or adult's) party & creating party bags?

Why not add something a little different instead of the standard sweets! Keyrings & Diddy Designs make brilliant, unique gifts for your guests without costing mega-money!!

Design Your Own keyrings create a more personalised choice for each guest using images which will mean something to each of them!

All items listed here are priced at less than £5.00 each & start at just £1.00! 

The designs shown here are just a selection of ideas for you - any product can be supplied for you to use so do be sure to look around all the other shop categories too!

Button badges & magnets are fantastic for party bags
Check them out here!

Having lots of guests & need quite a few items? Let me know what you would like & how many - discounts available for bulk purchases!!