Large Design Query

Handmade Window Cling Panels - Dragonflies & Butterflies

2 x Panels
30cm high x 58cm wide (each)

Art Deco Sunburst Doors

8 x Art Deco Sunburst Panels
Each 20cm x 20cm

 Koi Pond - Large Window Cling 
Koi Pond
43.2cm high x 36cm wide
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Large Peacock
Extra Large Peacock Arch
1.2m high - Shown in customer's home below

Peacock Frames

Schooner Door     Extra Large Wisteria Panel
   Schooner                                Wisteria & Birds
 50cm high x 45cm wide              50.4cm high x 36.5cm wide        

 finished panel
Large Sailing Ship 83cm x 41cm
Bespoke Design to match customer's requirements 

cg - extra large waterfall
Extra Large Waterfall 80cm x 44cm

Extra Large Abstract Full Window
Full Window - Abstract Design (139.6cm / 4.5ft square)

Sailing Boat Panel (inside & outside)
Full window cover - Sailing boat & Lighthouse
Applied to patterned bathroom glass

Four Panel Mirror Clings

*Please note, there may be additional delivery charges applied for extra large designs; especially for overseas deliveries

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