Repositionable Stickers

The repositionable wall & door stickers are specially designed for use on all surfaces including those which normal static clings will not adhere to.  The completed designs have an ultra removable adhesive enabling you to remove and reposition them after initial application.  Please note, they are not advisable for use on delicate or unstable surfaces

Door StickersA great way to add a name to room doors
Removable Stickers!

  • What designs are available as stickers? Any of the designs you see on this site can be created as a wall or door sticker, although this is not recommended for very large pieces. Simply choose the 'conversion to sticker' option when ordering your items.  There is a small additional charge and this will be added to your design charge when this option is selected so you can see exactly how much the design will cost.
  • Application: Ensure the surface to be decorated is clean and free of dust or grease.  Remove from plastic covering by carefully peeling the paper header apart.  Peel away the paper backing a short amount to expose a small amount of the sticky carrier.  Place this on your  surface & smooth down to remove air bubbles whilst gently peeling away the remaining backing.   You can remove the design if it doesn’t go on correctly first time – see ‘removal’ below
  • Removal: These designs are pretty easy to remove if required. However, please take your time! Simply lift the edge and peel away gently and slowly - take off like you would peel a label, lifting from each edge if necessary & peeling back slowly, do not rip off the surface as you would a sticking plaster!  The adhesive is specially designed to allow removal after application. The longer they have been in place, the more time you will need to take on removal - do it very slowly! Please note that if you try to remove the design quickly or it has been applied to an unstable surface, some paint/paper may remain on the adhesive & removed with your design. It is not recommended that stickers are used on delicate or valuable surfaces. If you are concerned that they are too sticky, you can lessen this by dabbing the back with a cloth or similar and allow the sticky side to pick up some fibres thus reducing the adhesive strength. You can also wet the back & washing the back with a soapy solution will also help reduce some of the stick.  You do not need a strong adhesive for your stickers to hold.
  • Reusing: There is an adhesive on these designs and therefore this will become less effective after multiple removals or excess handling. You can wash dirt & debris from this adhesive and leave to air dry. It should regain its stick once dry. Repeated washing & handling will eventually remove all the adhesive so should be avoided if possible. Please do not leave immersed in water as the painted area will be damaged. Try not to touch the sticky area more than is absolutely necessary to prolong the life of your sticker.
  • Storage:  If you remove your sticker from your surfaces, it is important that they are stored correctly. Please retain and reuse the waxed paper backing and plastic packaging supplied.  Make sure that there are no air bubbles or creases in the plastic which may cause marks during storage.   Store flat if possible until ready to reapply.   Please note, paper or tissue should never be allowed to come into contact for any length of time with your peelable decoration  as the paper fibres will adhere to the surface.  If this should happen inadvertently, fibres can sometimes be worked out of the surface with a wet cloth - let the design air dry, sticky surface up & they should be usable
Sticker Use

Should you have any further queries regarding wall/door stickers, please contact 01732 862545
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