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ACS SquareAdvertise your company or club wherever you go - these clings and stickers are ideal for use in your vehicle and/or offices & workspaces.  Does your company have competitions or give out awards? Why not create a special design to give to your winners so they can advertise their award and your company at the same time! 

Window clings
The regular clings are single sided and designed to be displayed through a window with a plain white reverse. However there are options available to ensure you receive a cling which will suit your requirements. Double sided versions are also available which have the image on both sides.
When placing your order, please ensure you select how you would like the backing of your cling to be (note, double sided clings do not have backing choices).  Your options are: 
  • Standard White - Recommended in most instances. The back is solid white (non cling) which enhances the colours on your image when displayed on a window and avoids a reverse image being viewed from behind.  
  • Clear - Reverse is clear (non cling) and both sides of the cling to be visible. Colours may be duller than the standard white option when displayed in front of a dark background but will be brighter when lit from behind.  The image can be viewed from the back but all lettering/images will be backwards on this side. *Please note, this is not the same as a double sided cling which has the full image readable from both sides
  • Reverse Cling - This is a clear cling with the clinging properties on the reverse  which is required if you plan to use on a mirror.   
Stickers: single sided will have an image on the front & an adhesive reverse. Can be used on shiny or non shiny surfaces, vehicles & many other surfaces. Removable with care and can be used outdoors as well as indoors. Please note single sided stickers cannot be placed to be viewed through a window - please order a window cling or double sided sticker if this is required. Stickers are alternative options to clings for external use or areas which may require a stronger adhesion.  
Your options are:
  • Single sided - white on reverse with adhesive to attach to your surfaces.
  • Double sided - white sticker but the design is repeated on the adhesive side so will show through a clear surface such as a window
There are two basic sizes available which are:
  • Standard - 13 cm dia max (round/square); 18cm x 13cm max (rectangle)
  • Large - 20 cm dia max (round/square); 25cm x 20cm max (rectangle)
  • If you require a different size for items such as bulk order clings for company promotional giveaways for your customers, please contact me directly for a quote stating size & quantity required
Once you have placed your order, you will receive a confirmation e-mail containing your order number please email the logo graphic to me at [email protected] quoting this order number for easy identification.
Artwork can be accepted in .JPG, .GIF, .PNG or .PDF format.  Please send a large size graphic to ensure this can be reproduced clearly. The clarity of the finished cling is determined by this image therefore a large size graphic is preferred (particularly for large size clings) If you have any queries, please contact me on 01732 862545 for assistance.
See also company logo promotional items for some wonderful products ideal for yor own use or as gifts to your existing or potential customers - inexpensive & perfect to keep your name fresh & available when people are looking to make a purchase. Great marketing tools that will be kept and used!
Here are a selection of clings made for different companies:
 My Sweet Trees (Finished)In car pic   Stephen Mole Car Advert
 OAG Consultants  Lizs Crafted Cards  
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Wood & Willow in car

Want to advertise your company name or website with a hand painted cling? Can be in different fonts or colours to suit your requirements.

Contact me at [email protected] with the wording and size required for a personalised quote