EU Customers - VAT charges now apply

From 1st July 2021, all sales delivered to any EU country will be subject to VAT calculated at the rate of VAT in the destination country added to the total due. Unfortunately, Ali's Craft Studio is not able to integrate a service to collect the VAT to pass on the relevant authorities during checkout therefore any orders placed on this site by residents in the EU will require the VAT and any other applicable charges to be collected locally once the order has been dispatched.  This will be collected directly by the postal service provider in the destination country.   Please note, once your order has passed through customs, you will be contacted by the postal service to advise the amount due and how this can be paid.  This payment will be required in order for your item to be cleared and delivered to you.   A guide to the VAT element of this charge can be found by opening our simple VAT calculator using the button below - simply enter the total amount of your order (including P&P) in the column marked Total (inc P&P) alongside your country of residence and the amount of VAT due to be paid will be calculated and shown in the column marked VAT Due.  All amounts shown will be in Pounds Sterling as an accurate conversion to Euros is not possible to acheive due to the fluctuations in the exchange rate.  Please note, additional handling charges may be charged by your local postal service provider but, as this is not a fixed amout, you will need to contact your local postal service provider to obtain details of the rate/amount they will charge.  This additional, local charge is not shown on these calculations.   

A limited selection of items can be purchased on my Etsy shop which charges the VAT at the time of ordering so there are no further VAT charges at time of delivery (note, customs duty may be levied by the destination country)

A step by step guide to ordering from the EU: 

  1. Add item(s) to your basket and select the postal method required (standard or tracked)
  2. Checkout as normal - payment will be taken for the cost of goods plus postage 
  3. The items in the order will be created and dispatched when completed (a confirmation email will be sent when the order is on its way along with tracking number if applicable)
  4. Once the order leaves the UK for the destination country it will be cleared through customs and passed to the local delivery service provider
  5. The customer will be contacted directly by the postal service with the total amount of VAT due (plus any other charges they may apply) which must be paid to 'release' the order.  Details of how this can be paid should also be provided at this time
  6. Once the VAT/charges have been paid, the order will be delivered as normal

Please note, this does not apply to orders delivered to UK addresses or other locations outside of the EU